Churches / Worship

Around the time of their 100th Anniversary, the Community Presbyterian Church partnered with HAWK Construction in a feasibility study to determine whether they should remain in their existing building, build a new facility in their existing location, or relocate to a new facility in a new location. After much research, schematic designing, and budget estimating, the congregation decided to remain in place, with some extensive renovations. A small addition was built to facilitate impromptu gatherings and improve access to the seven different levels of the building. The worship space was opened up and original stained glass windows (some hidden within walls) were refurbished and repaired. The original pipe organ was skillfully taken apart and re-assembled after construction was complete.

HAWK Construction has had the privilege of teaming up with Grand Rapids Alliance Church on two different Design/ Build projects. After building a worship space onto to their existing facility, the congregation next built a 2,500 sf Youth Addition. Complete with its own kitchenette, Conference Room, and private office, the space has been used by a variety of groups, including: small Bible studies, Bible Quizzing, wedding showers, grad parties, concerts, pot lucks, and community outreach events.

Nestled among majestic pines at the corner of Hwy 63 and 76 is the little (now not so little) E. Free Church. What started out as a simple 3600 sf space, has grown to over 18,000 sf by 2018. Several well-thought out Design/Build expansions, each one considering the past, present, and future, have kept pace with the thriving community. The building is well-used throughout the week, housing a pre-school in the C.E. wing and multiple activities in the auditorium, including worship, concerts, speakers, and even volleyball!

Several decades ago, the members of the Grand Rapids United Methodist church found themselves in a dilemma- “Do we stay or do we move?” Caught in a land-locked situation with 2-levels (no elevator), little parking, and no room for expansion, the group decided it was time for a change.

HAWK Construction was pleased to offer their Design/Build services for the project. A new 10-acre site on the South end of town had been purchased. Nearly a year of committee meetings, with everyone invited to attend, yielded a site plan, and building plans. After a year of construction design goals were achieved: a fully accessible, single level, flexible building, ready to be used not only on Sunday’s, but every day of the week.