Food Service

Klockow Brewing is a Design/Build project which re-purposed an existing warehouse into a 3,500 sf brewery and 2,000 sf tap room. A large expanse of glass separates the two spaces, and invites patrons to enjoy their refreshments while watching their microbrew being created!

The Cozy Cove Coffee Company is a quaint little shop in the heart of Hill City. At only 1200 sf, the historic building went from gas station, to warehouse, to coffee shop. The Design/Build project features a full service kitchen, accessible restrooms, comfy seating for “2 up to a 10 seat community table,” and a walk-up window for outdoor service.

Boulder Tap House is a 5200 sf Design/ Build renovation of a former HAWK Design/Build project- Ground Round. The interior renovations included extensive demolition/re-construction, as the bar area was increased and finishes were updated. Situated on one of the busiest intersections in Grand Rapids, the raised, wrap-around deck is designed to provide outdoor seating in a vibrant neighborhood.

King’s Mongolian Grill is a 2,100 SF tenant build-out in Grand Rapids. A HAWK design-build project, the owner brought a typical “vanilla box” space plan to HAWK, then became an integral part of the design team from space planning, kitchen equipment selection, to interior design and furniture selection. The ownership team carried on their decision making process through one member who spoke English, which created a fun, interesting, and unique process. Caught up in construction during the pandemic, the owner’s persevered and the project was completed on time and on budget.